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What is a SaaS marketplace?

Often Software as a Service (SaaS) products offer a way to extend their product, e.g. by providing a REST API. If users of an SaaS product can then select from existing extensions, they are usually called plugins, apps or integrations. Companies are usually offering these extensions to further grow their main product and make it more attractive to users. They even open their platform and let other companies offer free or paid extensions. An ecosystem like this is considered to be a SaaS marketplace. Typical examples include products where you can add a bot (e.g. Slack) or plugins to connect with a different system (e.g. Jira with Trello).


SaaS marketplaces offer an easy way starting your own app business. They already have a working business and paying customers. However, these customers are sometimes missing niche features that can not be fulfilled by the main SaaS product. Thus, there is a chance for individuals to provide value for such customers. helps you finding all the information required to get started and build your own app.

Although a lot of effort was put into collecting all the information, mistakes can happen. If you encounter one, please don't hesitate to reach out and contribute.